Astroparticle Physics


Title Typology Supervisor Description
Searches of axion-like particles with the QUAX experiment at INFN Legnaro Laboratories Instrumental

C. Gatti

Axions are particles predicted to solve the Strong CP problem and are one of the candidates for the cold dark matter. QUAX is a resonant cavity experiment, now in the R&D phase, aiming at detecting dark matter axions with mass about 60 μeV. Cavity excitations will be measured by parametric amplifiers or single-photon counters (TES, qubits).

The activity will consist in setting, characterizing and monitoring cryostat systems for low and ultra-low temperatures; characterization of high-Q, superconducting or hybrid, resonant-cavities in strong magnetic fields at cryogenic temperatures; measurement of magnetic field within the superconductive/hybrid cavity with different cooling procedures; study of noise fluctuation in the magnetization of the paramagnetic/ferrimagnetic sample at low temperature used to detect axions; design test and characterization of single photon counters (TES or qubits) coupled to a resonant cavity; data taking and data analysis.

Study of the neutrino properties with experiments on reactor antineutrinos

A. Paoloni

The thesis work will be performed within the international collaboration JUNO, that aims at studying the mass hierarchy of neutrinos by measuring, at 50 km of distance, the energy spectrum of the antineutrinos produced by nuclear reactors of Jiangmen province (China). The thesis foresees an experimental part  (test of readout electronic prototypes of the muon external tracking system) and another of Montecarlo simulations (centered on the study of the cosmogenic backgrounds and of their effects on the hierarchy measurement).