Material science


  • Laboratory-based X-ray spectroscopy (contact:
    X ray spectroscopy (XAFS) is an efficient probe of atomic structure. The thesis will deal with the realization of a laboratory system capable of performing hard X-ray radiography in transmission, without the need of complex “fine focus”, “high flux” configurations.
  • Time resolved experiments combining techniques and ultra-fast radiation sources (contact:
    Radiation from FEL or lasers opens new frontiers in the study of sub-atomic dynamical process, especially in simple organic and inorganic samples. The work will consist in development of high time resolution detectors for synchrotron radiation at DAFNE, to be used as ultra-fast radiation sources in material science and in the study of a large spectrum of interdisciplinary context.

  • A study of metallic coatings to enhance e.m. properties of RF structures for the future accelerators: FELs and high energy colliders (contact:
    The work will consist in creating better RF accelerating structures through the study of new materials and new coatings. Morphological studies (SEM, FIB, etc…), structural (XAS) and macroscopic analyses on metallic samples with dedicated coatings (oxides, nanotubes, etc…) will be performed in ad-hoc RF cavities.