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Monte Carlo techniques for radiation safety at particle accelerators

Monte Carlo techniques nowadays constitute the most accurate and efficient choice for radiation safety quantities assessment at particle accelerators. General purpose Monte Carlo codes are used, indeed, in order to produce theoretical estimations to compare with experimental data, for radiation shielding calculations, detectors response predictions and calibrations,  radiation hardness evaluation for detectors and machine components, materials activations due to the exposure to the intense radiation fields produced at particle accelerators. The Radiation Safety unit at INFN-LNF has a leading role in the radiation protection assessment of several advanced future machines for forefront research, some of them based on innovative high power laser based technologies.
The interested candidate will join a dynamic and friendly group and will employ two of the most advanced Monte Carlo codes, FLUKA and MCNP, to study specific advanced topics in this research field, like Particle In Cell – Monte Carlo coupling, benchmarking codes for laser-based experiment design and biasing techniques for neutrons induced radiation hazards.