Accelerator Physics




Development of a simulation code for design and optimization of bunch-by-bunch feedback systems dedicated to circular lepton accelerators

This thesis is suitable for candidates having an interest in theoretical accelerator physics and willing to use and develop computing models to simulate beam dynamics in particle accelerator colliders, in particular in electron-positron machines.

Development of a real time bunch-by-bunch feedback system based on FPGA technology aimed at stabilizing beam motion in circular lepton accelerators

This thesis is intended for candidates interested in hardware development, firmware and software design, better if already aware of FPGA components and coding.

Beam dynamics in present and future circular lepton colliders

The proposed PhD thesis aims at studying beam dynamics and its interplay with beam-beam interaction for the DAFNE configuration based on the Crab Waist collision scheme.
The purpose of this work is twofold: to push DAFNE luminosity to its ultimate limit, and achieve a detailed comprehension of the collider limiting factors.
The experimental studies undertaken at the Frascati φ-factory will be of primary interest for all the other communities working at the design of future colliders based on the Crab Waist approach.



  • Start to End Simulations for the FEL plasma driven experiment at EUPRAXIA
  • Ultra-cold high brightness photo-injector design for Quantum FEL experiments
  • Advanced THz radiation sources
  • Advanced plasma diagnostics tools
  • Characterization and optimization of auto-injection acceleration of electrons
  • Design and test of high gradient accelerating structures at EuSPARC
  • Design and test of a C-band photo-injector for high brilliance beams
  • Synchronization systems at femto-second level for LWFA